• Instagrammable

    Become the talk of the town as guests spread the word about their stay with you & share their experience and stories with friends.

  • Gift Shop Merchandise

    Gift-shop conversions are easy when your guests can try-before-they-buy if you offer on-premise use of VoChill products. Our products can be customized with your logo for a memorable take-away.

  • Customization Available

    Display your logo on our wine chillers. Guests can capture your logo in their shared photos.

On-premise use

VoChill is all about creating moments to savor, slowing-down, relaxation, and taking in the moment with a perfectly chilled glass of wine. Our wine chillers are the ideal simple luxury that your guests can lounge poolside with or anywhere you serve wine or cocktails by the glass.

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Gift shop merchandise

Upscale & unique - our wine glass chillers are the perfect souvenir and can be customized with your logo.

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